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The Restaurant

Our Philosophy


Sueños is a multi dimensional representation of humanity. It aims to please all the senses- a complete journey through taste, smell, sight, sound and touch.


The restaurant was built, curated and adorned by artists, every piece hand crafted, focusing on both sustainability and elegance. We acknowledge that dining is a multifaceted experience where all five senses play a part. But there is a sixth sense ... one of deep knowledge and intuition.


Our logo includes the time stamped symbol of the Philosophers stone. The Philosophers stone was the central symbol of the mystical terminology of alchemy, symbolizing perfection at its finest, enlightenment, and heavenly bliss.


At Sueños, we have spent nearly a year curating a space where people can come and experience the magical culinary delights provided by our chefs and mixologists; their years of working in world class restaurants and their talents from this time prominently displayed in the dishes and glasses they create and serve. The space is intended to be a harbinger of creativity and growth and will host art exhibitions, poetry slams, live music, inspirational talks, and more. Our staff comes from many different places all over the globe, inspired by our vision, and dedicated to giving you an experience like no other. 


Please enjoy. 


Sueños isn’t just a name. It’s a vision for life, and one we hope you will take with you as you continue on your journey. 

“ The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up" Paul Valery

Meet the Chef



Intention. Passion. Creativity. The hallmarks of all of the greatest chefs in the world.

Executive chef Andrea Nardo started early. At age 16 he was already in culinary school and Spent the next three years of his life learning the skills that would launch his impressive career.

Now, after four years working in a world class restaurant in London, receiving not only one but two Rosettes for demonstrating his culinary prowess he is here, in Sayulita, as an integral part of the team opening Sueños Creative Cuisine & Cocktails- A restaurant and bar that will allow him to draw upon over 16 years of experience as a chef who has traveled and cooked around the world at many of the finest restaurants, receiving accolades along the way.


Now, having fallen in love with our Puebla Magica his dream is to bring you food you’ve never imagined, a constantly changing menu based on the freshest locally sourced ingredients, each dish designed to showcase the best of what our small paradise has to offer, and leave you wanting nothing but for more.

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